Class6 is about Queen Izaar, a being created by our human ancestors to safeguard humanity. But there is one problem: she was left with an ancient enemy, the reptilian race, who has tried to eliminate the human race for thousands of years. Now one last war is about to end this bloody circle, but it will happen in our time, more specifically on our planet earth. Queen Izaar's path crosses with these other five individuals who are LGBTQ, and each plays an essential role with the faith of humanity. They must come together with their abilities to join forces with Queen Izara. In the beginning, they are fighting for gay rights. Still, as they discover this more significant conflict, they must decide if they want to save the same human race that has rejected them, killed them, and attacked them for being LGBTQ. In the end, the last fight is for the survival of the human race that lays in the hand of these LGBTQ heroes. Humanity will learn the truth about our existence and origins. We must decide if we want to continue on this status quo of hate and division or if we will finally come together as one race to defeat our common enemy, and become the powerful race we once were. 

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Current Episodes of CLass6


1.1 The Cure

In this episode, we introduce our first Character, Neveah. She has been hiding her true identity for years, afraid of her long-time enemy, Dr. Tihon. One day another tragedy happens; this time, she knows she can no longer hide. Instead, she must take revenge on Dr. Tihon. When she finally faces her past, face to face with Dr. Tihon, she found herself with a challenging decision; save the LGBTQ hostages that Dr. Tihon uses as guinea pigs to find a cure for homosexuality, or take revenge on him. read more.


1.2 Realities

In this episode, we introduce our hero Nami, living in his version of reality, he continues to hold on to the past. Nami uses his unique ability to steal from a secretive organization, one that has been trying to find him for a long time. When the time came for Nami to be found, this organization sent its agents to capture Nami. In the end, Nami finally discovers the truth about who is behind this organization, the Nazis..  read more.


1.3 Voodoo

In this episode, we introduce Jaseri, our Lesbian hero, who was raped by her father to cure homosexuality. Like been raped wasn't enough; her father murders her mother to clean the honor of his family. By then, Jaseri finds out who she truly is, and the special responsibility left to her by her late grandmother. Jaseri discovers she is a descendant from a genetically different human race whose planet was destroyed thousands of years ago by the Reptilians. Jaseri then meets Neveah, who is in Uganda, trying to capture the pastor Scott Lively, who is to blame for the atrocities happening to Uganda's LGBTQ people. read more.


1.4 Riots

In this episode, we introduce our Drag Hero, Queen Izaar, who feels that the way the world is right now is her fault. Perhaps she is right? In this episode, we learn the role she played in Earth's birth, the great flood, and even religion's origin.. read more.

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1.5 The briefcase

In this episode, we discover Kian, who possess unique DNA. After conducting an ancestry DNA test, he raises concerns, prompting the company to let the US government know about Kian's result. The US government soon captures Kian, but the Reptilian enemy also now wants Kian DNA. A race to decode his DNA has begun. But why is this DNA so important? Because it holds the data of technology never seen before in this Universe because it comes from the Reptilian and Human ancestor's Universe of origin.. read more.

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1.6 The DNA

In this episode, we introduce Julian, a puppet of the Reptilian race, our enemies. Julian is injected with Kian's DNA samples to try to access information within this unique DNA sequence. The DNA they had wasn't enough since Kian DNA is more complex and secure than they thought. As a result of being injected with Kian's DNA, Julian experiences special abilities similar to Kian's. The Reptilian race will use Julian's unique skills to try and capture Kian, so they can kill him and access the information within his DNA. read more.



In this episode, we introduce Lucifer, our villain, who happens to be Queen Izaar's ex-boyfriend. A series of events happened in their past that destroyed their relationship. Consequently, Lucifer ends up in Hell, a cell deep in the Earth's center where a world within a world was born, composed of two races: Reptilian and Humans. Now Lucifer will escape into our world after 5,000 years. In this episode, we learn about Queen Izaar's master plan to conserve two ancient races.  read more.

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1.8 Secrets

Five thousand years ago, Queen Izaar Izaar ruled the human race on Earth. After a peaceful period, Queen Izaar finds herself facing an alien race that once was allied to our human ancestors but now is our enemy. Queen Izaar is holding strong the human empire, but somehow the human cities fall under the reptilian forces. Lucifer betrays his Queen. Queen Izaar, emotionally hurt, is about to lose her war. She decides to use all of the human resources to bring down the reptilian mother ship. She connects the pyramids worldwide, absorbing Earth's energy; she concentrates it on Giza's main pyramid and brings down the reptilian main mothership using it as a weapon. Read more.