The beginning... 

It started five years ago while Fernando was working out at a gym in Castro, San Francisco. During those moments of concentration, it crossed his mind this fantastic idea, creating his own LGBTQ heroes - but the idea didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Fernando was trying to find a way to show how Kraven Magazine, his online gay lifestyle and culture publication, could be heroic. Raad, one of his writers, submitted a story about the misrepresentation and the lack of the LGBTQ community in the comic book world.

Fernando started thinking about what he could do to change this. It was time to represent gay life in comics and show the hardship in life that many in our community go through. This representation had to be brought in a way that would be interesting and authentic, especially that it came from those within the LGBTQ community. He felt the need to tell the world, we can all be heroes, whether you are transgender or bisexual, straight or gay - whatever makes you happy. Our stories are not just about issues affecting the LGBTQ community; Although, our main characters are gay. This led Fernando to create six heroes characters representing the full breadth of the LGBTQ community. This was when Fernando founded Kraven Comics, a company that creates stories of LGBTQ heroes who represent us, as we are all part of the same universe.

With our stories and reach, we aim to unify our community and to be inclusive. Our comic books, characters, and stories are universal. They are about humankind and how we, as humans, must defend love from hate in every aspect. Our stories highlight social justice, political issues, racism, women’s and children’s rights, wealth inequality, government abuse, and many more issues. 

We are not just a gay comic book; we are part of a human rights movement. 

This project wouldn’t be possible without a talented team. Thank you to our Kraven family that has devoted five years of hard work to bring to life stories that will create awareness and bring people together. Fernando is Latino and proud to have a talented group of Latino artists that make every page a work of art.

Neveah First

sketch 2014

We aim to provide to the LGBTQ community the rightly-deserved representation in the comic book industry. With high-quality pages and attention to detail, our artists give an LGBTQ-centric comic book. Available in different languages and on multiple digital platforms, we will always do our best to make Kraven Comics accessible from anywhere in the world, focusing on inclusivity and awareness of social justice issues. At Kraven Comics, we believe anyone can be a Hero.

As we move towards our goal of being an LGBTQ icon in the comic book world, we want to influence communities to proudly stand for who they are and for whom they love. We want to support and invest in organizations that work closely with the issues we highlight in our stories. 

Raad's article for Kraven Magazine Summer of 2014





Doris Marcano


Being gay is not a decision but a different life full of joys and sorrows, achievements, and disappointments, and above all, each of you has a hero inside who is ready to go out and fight. I am excited to bring to life and celebrate the heroes of the LGBTQ community.

Elizabeth Mavarez


I am a graphic designer, I have grown up with the influence of comics and manga in my life, drawing is what I like to do the most, my work is the line art, and I enjoy it a lot, with Kraven comics I have grown as an artist. They have valued and taken into account all my suggestions and opinions. I have improved professionally and the quality of my work. I am happy to work together and be committed to making this great project every day better.

Daniel Grimaldi


I'm Daniel Grimaldi. I have worked at the company as a colorist for almost five years. My job is primarily to direct the viewer's eye to specific points of the image using color techniques since comics usually have drawings and inks with many details.

Claudia Viale


Thank you very much for reading our comic! We are pleased that you support us in this project, the fruit of our time and effort. Working here has taught me that if you believe in what you do and try your best, everything you put into your mind will come true. Do not let the opinions of the rest become an obstacle in your dream. Success in your adventure!

Marifel Bohorquez

 Ink-team Supervisor

The comic and illustration are the things that have always fascinated me, I love drawing, and comics-style is what I aspire, my work with Kraven comics has been of overcoming and constant growth. I love working with everyone, and I try to give myself everything I do. I am grateful and happy to be part of this group of wonderfully talented people who, with perseverance and dedication, have ensured that everything is always better for each day to be closer to fulfilling our dreams.

Jhon Granadino


I am an artist: theater, graphic design, illustration, etc. I love art because it is a way of expression, giving life to characters similar to us, traits that can motivate us and represent us. This comic book series is much more than another comic book when reading this comic is like watching a TV show with gay superheroes. I invite you to read our comic, and we welcome any critics. In the end, we want you to feel proud of the work we have done for you.

Pedro Latouche


Working with #TeamKraven has been a great experience. When I look at the final product, I see everyone's little details, time, and talents blended to make such a beautiful art piece. Proud to be part of #KravenTeam

Geomar Gonzalez


My name is Geomar, and I am an artist of illustration because I love my work to the point of always looking for perfection in each of the comic characters. I can spend hours and days in the world of comic illustration. I like to see the smallest detail of the illustration of comics or animated films because since I was a teenager, I wanted to mix colors, lines, and shapes, creating images that had harmony, movement, and original sense.

Mattia Gentili


Graphic Designer and Comic Books Letterer, I studied graphic design at Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Florence, Italy. I'm working as a comic book letterer for several titles, both in America and Europe (Leviathan Labs, Behemoth Comics, Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, Action Lab, Ace's Weekly, Kraven Comics, DoubleShot) as a Freelancer and as a member of Leviathan Labs studio. I also teach Graphic Design and Comics Lettering at TheSIGN - Comics and Arts Academy in Florence.

Donald kraft


Former director of learning development of the Human Resources, Don Kraft delivers attention to the details of the content and information we provide to ensure it meets the required quality. His support dates back to Kraven Magazine, where he influenced Fernando’s company decisions and taught Fernando how to pursue his career. He now forms part of the same company he influenced and actively helped develop the company to be what it is today.

SM Brennan


No one knows Fernando's mind, as Brennan does. After four years of Kraven's brotherhood, Brennan has proven to be the only writer and editor who can interpret Fernando's English - which means Brennan is the only one who can edit Fernando's writing. More than that, however, without his strong support for Fernando and Kraven Comics, the concept would have never existed. His is the other seminal support that gave life to the heroes.

Waiyen Wong


Since the day of the heroes' concept of birth, he has been there every day, making sure the series is perfect, pushing Fernando not to settle, how tired he was, and pushing to reach perfection. Waiyen is the one who approves the stories that Fernando writes; if Fernando can't convince Waiyen, then he knows he's not yet done! Waiyen's dedication to its original vision has made it possible to present this fantastic product to all of you.



When Fernando first asked for my help in telling the story of Class6, I was blown away by the production value of the finished product. From individual character design to the coloring and outline of panel art, the final product I observed was crafted with love and attention to detail to the formatting of each issue. I’ve been reading comic books since I was a child, and truly, it is an honor to be entrusted with editing the #TeamKraven story. It’s about time LGBTQ heroes were introduced by an independent comic book company, where the creators’ personal experiences inform their characters and are created outside of the confines of meeting a quota.

I’m proud to breathe life into these characters that portray and champion an underrepresented community that has contributed immensely to print and comic books.

Fernando Velez

Founder /Writer / Creator

I am very proud to be part of such a fantastic team at Kraven, a group that is not only talented but has an enormous hearth and a sense of community of teamwork. Working every day in creating stories that will entertain us and teach us, encourages us to fight for our rights, this is my pleasure. I am determined to show the world that anyone can be a hero. Thanks for supporting our project and welcoming us into your lives, I promise we won't disappoint you.

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