The beginning... 

It started five years ago while Fernando was working out at a gym in Castro, San Francisco. During those moments of concentration, it crossed his mind this fantastic idea, creating his own LGBTQ heroes - but the idea didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Fernando was trying to find a way to show how Kraven Magazine, his online gay lifestyle and culture publication, could be heroic. Raad, one of his writers, submitted a story about the misrepresentation and the lack of the LGBTQ community in the comic book world.

Fernando started thinking about what he could do to change this. It was time to represent gay life in comics and show the hardship in life that many in our community go through. This representation had to be brought in a way that would be interesting and authentic, especially that it came from those within the LGBTQ community. He felt the need to tell the world, we can all be heroes, whether you are transgender or bisexual, straight or gay - whatever makes you happy. Our stories are not just about issues affecting the LGBTQ community; Although, our main characters are gay. This led Fernando to create six heroes characters representing the full breadth of the LGBTQ community. This was when Fernando founded Kraven Comics, a company that creates stories of LGBTQ heroes who represent us, as we are all part of the same universe.

With our stories and reach, we aim to unify our community and to be inclusive. Our comic books, characters, and stories are universal. They are about humankind and how we, as humans, must defend love from hate in every aspect. Our stories highlight social justice, political issues, racism, women’s and children’s rights, wealth inequality, government abuse, and many more issues. 

We are not just a gay comic book; we are part of a human rights movement. 

This project wouldn’t be possible without a talented team. Thank you to our Kraven family that has devoted five years of hard work to bring to life stories that will create awareness and bring people together. Fernando is Latino and proud to have a talented group of Latino artists that make every page a work of art.


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We aim to provide to the LGBTQ community the rightly-deserved representation in the comic book industry. With high-quality pages and attention to detail, our artists give an LGBTQ-centric comic book. Available in different languages and on multiple digital platforms, we will always do our best to make Kraven Comics accessible from anywhere in the world, focusing on inclusivity and awareness of social justice issues. At Kraven Comics, we believe anyone can be a Hero.

As we move towards our goal of being an LGBTQ icon in the comic book world, we want to influence communities to proudly stand for who they are and for whom they love. We want to support and invest in organizations that work closely with the issues we highlight in our stories. 

Raad's article for Kraven Magazine Summer of 2014



team kraven

Marifel Bohorquez

Art Director & Co-creator of tittle "The Loas"Lettering


Art Director of Class6

Doris Marcano 


Daniel Grimaldi


Pedro Latouche


SM Brennan


Claudia Viale


Donald kraft


Geomar Gonzalez


david Christian


Elizabeth Mavarez 


Waiyen Wong


Fernando Velez

C.E.O. /Writer / Creator