The Story

First Season 

Millions and millions of years ago, in a completely different universe than ours, lived two races in harmony for eons untold, having achieved a hyper-advanced civilization through cooperation.  One day, the scientists of these harmonious races discovered that gravity in the universe had declined to a point of soon to stop. When gravity stops the expansion of the universe also stops making the opposite effect of the big bang known as the ‘Big Crush’. Soon everything, all matter from the universe will contract to nothing, the vanish of a universe. Recognizing their inevitable destruction, the two races sent expeditions on interdimensional voyages to find a new universe for their people to inhabit. Every mission failed, forcing one last desperate attempt which resulted in the timely discovery of a new universe with a galaxy today referred to as the ‘Milky Way’. 


Explorers representing the two races – Reptilian and Human – found a small system with habitable planets orbiting a stable star. However, their joy was short-lived, as they realized that their distance from home and the energy required to cross dimensions was too great for a mass exodus. Realizing that only a select number of their two races could be relocated, the Reptilians and Humans inevitably clashed – as they had in the past – but this time was different, as they were vying for the survival of their race. Centuries of peaceful coexistence and prosperity had been shattered, discarded in the face of impending annihilation.


Throughout their history of coexistence, there had been many interracial couples, including among the elite and ruling families - so many that it was commonplace and not particularly noticeable. At this crucial juncture, one ruling couple

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In the first season of Class6, we introduce you to our gallery of heroes and villains. We live in a world where secrets have ruled the universe for millennia. A world where countless human beings have been belittled, forbidden from speaking up, and forced to live in a system controlled by a select few. Donald Trump, our greatest enemy, is about to gain the power to do what Hitler and Napoleon could never accomplish: conquer the world. He is no regular politician breaking down the world into ruins; he is much worse. Donald and his international allies are going after something unimaginable. They seek to win the war that the human race has secretly been engaged in for hundreds of thousands of years, but not in our favor. A war started in another universe that mysteriously vanished. A war which they are on the other side, against humanity. Now, this war is concluding, centered around our star. Will humanity wake up in time to become the savior race it was meant to be?

Our LGBTQ heroes and their allies must prevent Donald Trump from reaching into power and his squad of villains before they ruin our world. Everything is interconnected; the heroes of Class6 crossed paths for a reason, to save us. Today they fight for gay rights, tomorrow, their fight will be for the survival of the human race.

Current episodes of season 1


1.1 The Cure

Being a transgender child is a difficult situation, especially in Eastern Europe where Neveah was born. In this region, many transgender youths are thrown out of their homes and forced to be homeless... read more.


1.2 Realities

Nami was born with a deadly disease that his father Kuo, an engineer for a tech company, cured through nanotechnology he personally developed. An unintended result of Kuo’s invention was the dissemination...  read more.


1.3 Voodoo

Jaseri’s father raped her because he believed, along with the rest of her village in Uganda, that this act would make her heterosexual. Jaseri became pregnant as a result and gave birth to a baby girl, which her mother took... read more.

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1.4 Riots

After Pastor Scott’s trial reaches a guilty verdict, riots of religious extremists and anti-gay advocates erupt around the United States. Queen Izaar witnesses this unrest, believing it to be her fault. She asks herself what happened... read more.

S1E5 Final Comixlogy 1.jpg

1.5 The briefcase

The US government likes to be on the cutting edge of espionage and subterfuge, made most evident by the actions of the NSA. Listening to phone calls, spying on the privacy of others, the NSA is just one of many ... read more.



In this episode, we introduce our villain Lucifer who escaped hell into our world, an unknown place for him. He seeks to reunite with old friends who have been waiting for thousands of years for his escape. What's going to happen after he escapes? Who are these friends? ... read more.

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1.6 The DNA

In this episode, Julian is introduced, a former Navy SEAL abandoned to die in a hospital after his brave service to his country. Julian is bitter, homophobic, mentally ill, and anti-government. He is the... read more.

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