Neveah, Transgender Hero.

Neveah grew up on the street of Montenegro after being thrown out of her house by her biological parents when she came out as transgender at an early age. After facing the constant homophobic attacks on the streets, she tried to commit suicide. Little did she know her life was going to take a big turn. Dr. Jovanovic, a scientist in the stem cell research field, drove by when he saw Neveah almost dead. He stopped and saved her life, giving her a home and a father’s love. Dr. Jovanovic devoted his career to finding a procedure using stem cells to provide Neveah the body she meant to have. Dr. Jovanovic’s boss, Dr. Tihon, believed that he was trying to change God’s creation. Dr. Tihon arrested Neveah’s father and attempted to reverse the procedure, unbalancing Neveah’s stem cell structure. Neveah can now copy her stem cells to alter her genetic code and, consequently, shapeshift. She fights her way out of Dr. Tihon’s facilities with this newfound ability. Years later, Neveah is a lawyer living in Paris with her girlfriend, Nataly.

Powers: Gender reassignment enables her to change her biological composition from female to male and vice versa. Cell realignment allows her to transform into anyone and manipulate parts of her body, such as her hair. Cell manipulation will enable her to realign cellular structure in others, such as speeding up their aging process.