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We (speaking for my future husband and me) have teamed up with 10 other Latin artists to create an LGBTQ heroes series starting with 6 heroes that represent various parts of the community: Lesbian (Jaseri), Transgender (Neveah), Bear (Kian), Twink (Nami), Drag Queen (Queen Izaar), and Leather (Eron). These six heroes’ fates are interconnected by an unforeseen force, and together they form Class6. Their mission is to defend vulnerable LGBTQ persons from hatred across the globe. As soon as their fight begins, however, things change as they discover that there is a much larger conflict they must join, on a scale grander than they could imagine, a conflict which has pitted humanity against an ancient enemy for an unimaginable period of time, an enemy that has infiltrated human society to take back what they believe is theirs, our star. We have been victims of discrimination, violence, and even death, and yet in this series, we, the LGBTQ community, are humanities’ last hope of survival. Will the world unite on our side to fight our common enemy, or will humanity regress into division, prejudice, and hate? 

We have combined the first 6 episodes of season one to create a Midseason One special with 280 pages. 

In the first season of Class6, we introduce you to our gallery of heroes and villains. We live in a world where secrets have ruled the universe for millennia. A world where countless human beings have been belittled, forbidden from speaking up, and forced to live in a system controlled by a select few. Donald Trump, our greatest enemy, is about to gain the power to do what Hitler and Napoleon could never accomplish: conquer the world. He is no regular politician breaking down the world into ruins; he is much worse. Donald and his international allies are going after something unimaginable. They seek to win the war that the human race has secretly been engaged in for hundreds of thousands of years, but not in our favor. A war started in another universe that mysteriously vanished. A war which they are on the other side, against humanity. Now, this war is concluding, centered around our star. Will humanity wake up in time to become the savior race it was meant to be?

Our LGBTQ heroes and their allies must stop Donald Trump and his squad of villains before they ruin our world. Everything is interconnected; the heroes of Class6 crossed paths for a reason, to save us. Today they fight for gay rights, tomorrow, their fight will be for the survival of the human race.

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Inside Midseason Special 

Episode One to Six

First Episode - The Cure

 Being a transgender child is a difficult situation, especially in Eastern Europe where Neveah was born. In this region, many transgender youths are thrown out of their homes and forced to be homeless, and Neveah was no exception. Struggling to live on the streets after being harassed daily, Neveah decided to take her own life. Her life was saved when Dr. Jovanovic, a local doctor, and geneticist, discovered her bleeding out and took her to his medical facility in the Montenegro capital of Podgorica. Dr. Jovanovic saved Neveah’s life and became the father she never had, accepting her for who she was. Dr. Jovanovic came to love Neveah as his daughter and developed an experimental procedure to realign her cellular structure and give her the female body she desired. However, during the procedure, Dr. Jovanovic was stopped by his boss, renowned geneticist Dr. Tihon, who believed that the experiment was against the will of God.

Before the gender affirmation procedure was completed, Dr. Tihon intervened and had Dr. Jovanovic taken away, not before attempting to reverse the procedure. This resulted in a cellular imbalance within Neveah, ultimately giving her the ability to manipulate her cellular structure and transform her body to appear as someone else. She used her newfound abilities to escape Dr. Tihon’s facility. Years later she lives in Paris with her girlfriend Nataly and she is an advocate for transgender youth.

Dr. Tihon tried many times to find her, but given Neveah’s ability to manipulate her appearance, he had difficulty finding her. Finally believing she was free, Neveah began to plan a future with Nataly, until tragedy struck and she lost all that she had, her love.

Now Neveah is no longer in hiding and determined to face her enemy. She vows to stop Dr. Tihon once and for all and to find out what happened to her father, Dr. Jovanovic. When she finally catches up with Dr. Tihon, she is faced with a difficult decision: to get her revenge, or to save LGBTQ hostages held captive by the mad geneticist. Her choice will forever change her life.

Episode 2 - Realities

 Nami was born with a deadly disease that his father Kuo, an engineer for a tech company, cured through nanotechnology he developed. An unintended result of Kuo’s invention was the dissemination of this nanotechnology throughout Nami’s body, which multiplied exponentially, changing Nami forever and giving him the ability to control all devices powered by electricity. Shortly after saving Nami’s life, Kuo lost his job, and out of fear of how he would provide for his family, Kuo decided to use his son’s ability to create an underground information ring, stealing corporate and government secrets and selling them to the highest bidder.

Nami grew up using his abilities for his father’s nefarious means and ended up creating one of the largest tech companies in the world. As a teenager, Nami fell in love with a guy from a poor neighborhood in Hong Kong. His parents disapproved, prompting Nami to attempt to run away with his boyfriend. However, their plans never got off the ground, as Nami’s father ordered the murder of his boyfriend. This drove Nami into a rage, within which he destroyed his family’s empire and placed his parents inside a virtual reality prison, where they would live like poor people, forever disconnected from reality.

Nami now uses his abilities to steal from greedy and manipulative corporations to provide help for communities affected most by their actions. Eventually, Nami steals from one of the wealthiest organizations in the world, a secret organization that we thought ended a long time ago, prompting a hunt for Nami to exact vengeance.

 Episode 3 - Vodun

 Jaseri’s father raped her because he believed, along with the rest of her village in Uganda, that this act would make her heterosexual, known, as Corrective Rape. Jaseri became pregnant as a result and gave birth to a baby girl, which her mother took away to a safe place. One day Jaseri discovered her mother’s bloody corpse, murdered by her father. Seeking revenge, Jaseri waited for her father in hiding to end his life. At that moment, she discovered the truth of her mother’s past and why she had a set of unique abilities allowing her to control nature. Jaseri accepted the responsibility of her abilities and decided to fight for gay people who had been targeted and killed in Uganda. She uses her powers to protect gays and to kill anyone who attacks them. She ultimately hopes to one day reunite with her daughter, after the world is safer.

 Episode 4 - Riots

 After Pastor Scott’s trial reaches a guilty verdict, riots of religious extremists and anti-gay advocates erupt around the United States. Queen Izaar witnesses this unrest, believing it to be her fault. She asks herself what happened back in human history leading up to this moment, how has society become what it is today, why has history been told differently. Has the truth been kept a secret? As Queen Izaar reminisces about human history, we learn about her past and the history of human life on planet Earth.

 Episode 5 - The Briefcase

 The US government likes to be on the cutting edge of espionage and subterfuge, made most evident by the actions of the NSA (National Security Agency). Listening to phone calls, spying on the privacy of others, the NSA is just one of many secret government organizations and programs. Before this episode, the US government discovered Kian, our bear hero who has information encoded in his DNA. They captured him and tried to decode his DNA which could be used to genetically modify soldiers. Kian’s DNA contains data from millions of years ago, histories unwritten or lost. Not only is Kian in danger at the hands of the US military, but any government or secret organization that may wish to use his genetic sequencing for devious reasons.

Episode 6 - DNA

In this episode, Julian, one of our villains is introduced, a former Navy SEAL abandoned to die in a hospital after his brave service to his country. Julian is bitter, homophobic, mentally ill, and anti-government. He is the perfect puppet of a more powerful villain who shares the same point of view. Physically strong but mentally weak, Julian is easy to manipulate and control. His first mission is to capture Kian, as the real enemy wants to decode Kian’s DNA to be able to access weapons never seen, giving them an advantage in the upcoming war.

Episode 7 - Escape from Hell

In this episode, we introduce our villain Lucifer who escaped hell into our world, an unknown place for him. He seeks to reunite with old friends who have been waiting for thousands of years for his escape. What's going to happen after he escapes? Who are these friends? In this episode, we learn about the other inner world, one we never thought existed, one in full of secrets - similar to ours but so different at the same time. The world that hosted Lucifer’s jail, hell, for

The Creator

I am Fernando Velez, the creator and the visionary of Class6. I'm 32 years old from Yauco, Puerto Rico, a small town continually rocked by earthquakes, hurricanes, and a struggling economy. My vision of superhero narratives began at a young age as I wandered the streets of my small town, hearing the sounds of our music and the rhythm of the island.

Back then in the '90s, my reality was different. My mother had lost her best friend from AIDS and as I came out, she struggled in accepting me because she didn't want to lose another son. Years earlier she had lost a son from cancer, my older brother at the age of 6 when I was 5.

At that time, HIV/AIDS was considered by many as a "gay disease" and my closed-minded mother was fearful of losing another son. For me, being young; being gay; trying to be myself was difficult. My three attempts at suicide ended with me being hospitalized in a psychiatric ward as well as weeks to a religious conversion camp. It was hard to be gay; it was hard to be myself; it was hard to find support.

This world that I was caught in was crushing me. I was just a young kid who lost his big brother, whose dad was an alcoholic, whose mom was trying to provide stability to our family with both love and food on the table.

I didn't know what to do but to get out of the house, to walk, to listen to the music, and to imagine a different alternative reality with characters who could create new possibilities, new destinies, new paths forward. I recalled reading comics as a child as a form of escape yet not being able to relate to any of the heroes that could help empower me. So, as I wandered the streets, I envisioned a collection of gay people who could save the world, save my world, save me from my disillusionment.

Class6 is more than a series of comic books. It represents gay life in comics and shows the hardship in life that many in our community go through. It's a narrative of freedom; for that kid who was me, Fernando, and for the many like me who never knew of heroes who could lead to saving us, heroes that could make our voice be heard,  to create a better world, to have equality for all.

The backstory of the Kraven Comics Universe

Millions and millions of years ago, in a completely different universe than ours, lived two races in harmony for eons untold, having achieved a hyper-advanced civilization through cooperation.  One day, the scientists of these harmonious races discovered that gravity in the universe had declined to a point of soon to stop. When gravity stops the expansion of the universe also stops making the opposite effect of the big bang known as the ‘Big Crush’. Soon everything, all matter from the universe will contract to nothing, the vanish of a universe. Recognizing their inevitable destruction, the two races sent expeditions on interdimensional voyages to find a new universe for their people to inhabit. Every mission failed, forcing one last desperate attempt which resulted in the timely discovery of a new universe with a galaxy today referred to as the ‘Milky Way’.

 Explorers representing the two races – Reptilian and Human – found a small system with habitable planets orbiting a stable star. However, their joy was short-lived, as they realized that their distance from home and the energy required to cross dimensions was too great for a mass exodus. Realizing that only a select number of their two races could be relocated, the Reptilians and Humans inevitably clashed – as they had in the past – but this time was different, as they were vying for the survival of their race. Centuries of peaceful coexistence and prosperity had been shattered, discarded in the face of impending annihilation.

 Throughout their history of coexistence, there had been many interracial couples, including among the elite and ruling families - so many that it was commonplace and not particularly noticeable. At this crucial juncture, one ruling couple – which happened to be queer – conspired to lock away as much technology as possible after the conflict began to arise so that neither faction could commit genocide in the war to come. This couple, which had unprecedented riches and influence, decided to store the blueprints and information of this advanced technology within DNA sequences, which they would only decode after peace had returned to these twin civilizations.

  While technology existed outside of what this couple was able to lock away, their plan to technologically debilitate both races so that neither could gain a strategic advantage over the other had worked – to a degree. The Humans’ and Reptilians’ collective effort went into survival, escaping from their dying universe, and regaining their former way of life and living standards on the exiled worlds on which they found themselves.

 The first colony founded by both races in reluctant cooperation was on the planet Mars. Despite this momentous occasion, the twin civilizations’ encounter with the brink of extinction had exposed a growing discordance in the belief-systems held by the majority of each race’s ruling class. The dominant approach held by Reptilians in their new home was to expand their race’s powerbase by any means necessary and to use the life forms native to each planet as nothing more than genome pools to bioengineer a stronger Reptilian race. The approach held by the majority of Humans favored diplomacy, establishing alliances and developing opportunities for peaceful coexistence with native life forms throughout the universe; ultimately to protect weaker beings and partner with stronger ones whenever possible, and to establish peaceful colonies on their planets with their permission.

The significant cultural dissidence between both races reached a climax only decades after they arrived in the new universe. The Humans on Mars responded to Reptilian abuse of native life forms by expelling them from Mars, and eventually the solar system. Thanks to their peaceful coexistence and lifestyle, Humans were able to pool their resources to ensure that significantly more of their people were brought into the new universe before their old one perished. To accomplish this feat, technology was developed which allowed an individual’s soul-consciousness to be uploaded onto a data-chip, which could be re-inserted into a cloned host’s body in the new universe. As a side-effect of this process, most subjects experienced a temporary loss of memory some of them will lose all memory when uploaded into a new body. Thanks to the practice of uploading soul-consciousness, Humans quickly began to outnumber Reptilians and expand exponentially in the new universe.

After discovering this technological innovation enjoyed by Humans, the Reptilians, as a whole, felt betrayed and isolated, as their numbers were significantly lower and they had no allied races to count on, only adversaries thanks to their expansionist approach. Their peaceful coexistence with Humans all but broken, the Reptilians fled to the center of the galaxy, boxed-in by the races that the Humans had warned. Viewing their circumstances as the result of Human-meddling, instead of the fault of their leadership, the majority of Reptilians came to see Humans as their greatest threat, overlooking the impending supernova of their only planet’s star.

 At this point, Humans had controlled, colonized, or made peace with the races of most of the habitable Milky Way galaxy. However, they avoided one star-system close to the galaxy’s center, the dangerously unstable Sagittarius A, home to the last remnants of the Reptilian race. For a time, both civilizations focused on establishing their security and avoided further conflict with one another. The Humans, back in their first colonized system, established settlements on or around seven of the eight planets present – opting to leave the planet Earth uninhabited. Determining that the planet had tremendous potential for life, Humanity’s leaders declared that Earth was in too delicate a state to colonize just yet, as settlement could unsettle the planet’s precious ecosystem. Earth was declared off-limits, a natural reserve, and was closely monitored to ensure that no one violated its status.

For untold eons, each Human colony experienced evolution, through both natural selection and scientific innovation, in response to each planet’s atmosphere, gravity, resources, and conditions. In time, the Humans of these planets began to take pride in their differences, and some began to claim that they had become a superior breed of humans when compared with their sundered relatives on the other worlds. The Reptilians sensed the potential for conflict and sent spies to each Human world, sowing seeds of discord and distrust. Eventually, Human pride led to open conflict, with some Humans allying themselves with the surviving Reptilians for any strategic advantage they could muster. Not all of the Humans were so easily beguiled, still remembering the ancient, existential threat posed by the Reptilians. These Humans soon joined the conflict, to face this threat, and to save Humanity from self-imposed extinction. Thus began the Great Intergalactic War between Humans.

During this time, thanks to the jealous vigilance of the Human colonies, Earth remained unsettled and pristine. However, ancient Humans on Mars, known as the ‘Primes or Free Masons,’ had determined that Earth would soon be ready for settlement. Sensing the destruction of the unfolding conflict, the primes saw Earth as their new planet of refuge and peace.  The primes thus began genetically engineering two immortal beings to prepare Earth for habitation, so that the ancient Humans on Mars could escape and preserve humanity’s history on this new, promising planet.

 These two immortal beings, Izaar and Lucifer, started terraforming the Earth to perfect the planet’s capacity for sustaining Human life. While their project was underway, the Human colony on Mars was contacted by refugees of another race – the Loas – who were almost exterminated by the Reptilians. The Loas were experts at cultivation and had developed technological domination over the elements of nature, forces that were immediately recognized as being invaluable to the project on Earth. The Loas cooperated with Izaar and Lucifer to terraform the planet in return for protection.

While they finished terraforming Earth, Izaar and Lucifer were instructed by the Loas to sleep, as the Loas themselves would do, while the planet and its ecosystem adjusted to the changes they made. When they awoke, Izaar and Lucifer were shocked to discover that their home planet Mars was now a cold, barren, lifeless rock. After the loss of Mars in the Great Intergalactic War, the Human planets agreed to a ceasefire and created a federation of the remaining colonies to ensure that no other planet suffered the same fate, and to end the Reptilian threat.

However, planet Earth was kept outside of the Federation Treaty, as it was decided that the people of Earth should be isolated from the truth so that they would not rise and threaten the peace that had been achieved. Izaar and Lucifer thus created Earth’s New Humans, which were to be less genetically modified than their intergalactic cousins. Izaar and Lucifer’s work was interrupted, unbeknownst to them, by a faction of Reptilians who saw their chance at conquest. Utilizing advanced bioengineering which gave them the ability to shapeshift and appear like New Humans on Earth, the Reptilians blended in and began to sow the seeds of warfare, whilst simultaneously establishing bases to communicate with their home planet in the Sagittarius A system. Their agenda was to ultimately conquer what they saw as originally theirs – this solar system – and to wipe out humanity once and for all.

Once again in our star system War erupted this time on Earth as a result of the hostile efforts of the Reptilians, who stayed infiltrated on the earth and who have regained power. Izaar, who had become the Queen of the New Human race, couldn't stop them. The Federation, seeking only to keep the peace, stepped in with their army (composed by different world nations) and arrested Queen Izaar in exchange to ensure that no other races could visit the planet and that the New Humans would be left alone to evolve, but prohibited from traveling beyond their moon.

 After the bloody wars of the early 20th Century orchestrated by Stalin, Hitler, and Mao – all Reptilians in Human form – the Federation understood that the situation once again was getting out of control and believed that only Queen Izaar could contain the situation. The Federation freed Queen Izaar and gave her the mandate to re-establish peace and equilibrium within a set period. She must eliminate the presence of Reptilians on Earth before time runs out. If Queen Izaar cannot achieve this goal, the Federation will eliminate the Reptilian infestation by destroying Earth.

 On planet Earth we live simple lives, pretending to discover the stars when in reality, the stars are watching us. Our true enemy lives among us, we don't know the truth of our existence, and even worse we don't know that we are a few years from annihilation if we do not change our ways. Will we allow the Reptilians, who have been turning us against each other, use our planet to fulfill their agenda? Or will we forget our differences and unite to fight our common enemy, so Humanity can thrive and be part of the greater universe?

Find out as the LGBTQ heroes of Class6 cross paths to save the last ancestors of the human race – us!

Learn the truth of our planet, the secret that lives within us, and discover that we play a much more crucial role in this universe than we have ever dared to dream. Humans must wake up and rise to be stronger together, or a race – our race – that is an uncounted millions of years old, will vanish forever.

Digital Editions

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