The Cure,

Season 1 Episode 1.

Being a transgender child is a difficult situation, especially in Eastern Europe, where Neveah was born. Many transgender youths are thrown out of their homes in this region and forced to be homeless, and Neveah was no exception. Struggling to live on the streets after being harassed daily, Neveah decided to take her own life. Her life was saved when Dr. Jovanovic, a local doctor and geneticist, discovered her bleeding out and took her to his medical facility in the Montenegro capital of Podgorica. Dr. Jovanovic saved Neveah’s life and became the father she never had, accepting her for who she was. Dr. Jovanovic came to love Neveah as his daughter and developed an experimental procedure to realign her cellular structure and give her the female body she desired. However, during the process, Dr. Jovanovic was stopped by his boss, renowned geneticist Dr. Tihon, who believed that the experiment was against the will of God.

Before the gender affirmation procedure was completed, Dr. Tihon intervened and had Dr. Jovanovic taken away, not before attempting to reverse the process. This resulted in a cellular imbalance within Neveah, ultimately giving her the ability to manipulate her cellular structure and transform her body to appear as someone else. She used her newfound abilities to escape Dr. Tihon’s facility. Years later, she lives in Paris with her girlfriend Nataly, and she is an advocate for transgender youth.

Dr. Tihon tried many times to find her, but given Neveah’s ability to manipulate her appearance, he had difficulty finding her. Finally, believing she was free, Neveah began to plan a future with Nataly, until tragedy struck and she lost all that she had, her love.

Now Neveah is no longer in hiding and determined to face her enemy. She vows to stop Dr. Tihon once and for all and find out what happened to her father, Dr. Jovanovic. When she finally catches up with Dr. Tihon, she is faced with a difficult decision: to get her revenge, or to save LGBTQ hostages held captive by the mad geneticist. Her choice will forever change her life.



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