season 1 Episode 2.

Nami was born with a deadly disease that his father Kuo, an engineer for a tech company, cured through nanotechnology he developed. An unintended result of Kuo's invention was disseminating this nanotechnology throughout Nami's body, which multiplied exponentially, changing Nami forever and giving him the ability to control all devices powered by electricity. Shortly after saving Nami's life, Kuo lost his job. Out of fear of how he would provide for his family, Kuo decided to use his son's ability to create an underground information ring, stealing corporate and government secrets and selling them to the highest bidder.

Nami grew up using his abilities for his father's nefarious means and ended up creating one of the largest tech companies in the world. As a teenager, Nami fell in love with a guy from a poor neighborhood in Hong Kong. His parents disapproved, prompting Nami to attempt to run away with his boyfriend. However, their plans never got off the ground, as Nami's father ordered the murder of his boyfriend, this drove Nami into a rage. He destroyed his family's empire and placed his parents inside a virtual reality prison, where they would live like poor people, forever disconnected from reality.

Nami now uses his ability to steal from greedy and manipulative corporations to help communities affected most by their actions. Eventually, Nami steals from one of the world's wealthiest organizations, a secret organization that we thought ended a long time ago, prompting a hunt for Nami to exact vengeance.



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