Eron, Leather Hero


Eron was an only child born to a low-income family in Venezuela. After Eron's mother died, his father fell into drug addiction and sold him to the cartel to pay off his debts. From childhood to early adulthood, Eron was sexually abused by members of the cartel. When he was in his early 20's, Eron learned he had contracted HIV, and that without proper care, he would soon die. On the night he decided to escape the cartel, Eron caused an accident which gave him uncanny abilities. He, in turn, used his new power to find a cure for HIV. Lost in the unfamiliar outside world, Eron desires friendship, and a sense of belonging, two feelings he has never experienced before.


Eron has a host of abilities that stem from his mind. His abilities include psychokinesis, super-speed, underwater breathing, time/interdimensional travel, and enhanced vision. His abilities appear to increase as he expands his mental capacity through learning.


28 Years old.





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