Eron, Leather Hero

Eron was born to a low-income family in Venezuela. After Eron's mother died, his father blames his son for his mother's death. Later his father fell into drug addiction and sold Eron to the cartel to pay off his debts. Eron was raised by the cartel, who took advantage of Eron's age for various tasks, from killing to drug trafficking. In his 20's, Eron had enough and decided it was time to escape the cartel. He was waiting for the right moment. He took something important the night he ran, a particular device that Diosdado, the cartel leader, was working on with Nami's father. An altercation between Eron and the cartel led to an accident with Eron's device in his possession. Activating part of his brain as no other human had before. Eron now finds himself with some special abilities. Leaving Venezuela behind, he comes to New York City to start a new life.


Eron has a host of abilities that stem from his mind. His abilities include psychokinesis, super-speed, underwater breathing, time/interdimensional travel, and enhanced vision. His abilities appear to increase as he expands his mental capacity through learning.