In the 1680s, a powerful race ruled in what is known today as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. They were a thriving society led by women who held the highest positions in government and the military. In this kingdom, men were devoted to protecting and worshipping women as their gods, the creators of life.  After thousands of years of prosperity, English colonists discovered them and quickly aim to conquer them, unaware that this was like no other race they had ever encountered. At first, they seemed like a tribe, but as the English men infiltrated to conquer them, they discovered this race to be much more powerful and resilient. These would-be conquerors will thrust the Kingdom of England into the most significant conflict it has ever seen.


 Class6 is about Queen Izaar, a being created by our human ancestors to safeguard humanity. But there is one problem: she was left with an ancient enemy, the reptilian race, who has tried to eliminate the human race for thousands of years. Now one last war is about to end this bloody circle, but it will happen in our time, more specifically on our planet earth. Queen Izaar's path crosses with these other five individuals who are LGBTQ, and each plays an essential role with the faith of humanity. They must come together with their abilities to join forces with Queen Izara. In the beginning, they are fighting for gay rights. Still, as they discover this more significant conflict, they must decide if they want to save the same human race that has rejected them, killed them, and attacked them for being LGBTQ. In the end, the last fight is for the survival of the human race that lies in the hand of these LGBTQ heroes. Humanity will learn the truth about our existence and origins. We must decide if we want to continue on this status quo of hate and division or if we will finally come together as one race to defeat our common enemy, and become the powerful race we once were. 

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Class6: s1 e9 nightmares

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In this first episode, we meet the Loas and their kingdom. Ayira is a strong, intelligent, reserved, and hard-to-break woman with unique abilities whose existence is a mystery. Naya is a scientist unable to practice science, leading her to become an alcoholic. Keita is in charge of the military and the security of the kingdom. Oni is Ayira's last child.


Ayira has been monitoring the activities of the colonists in the northern territories for some time now. Worried that they are getting too close to the kingdom, she is preparing to protect it. On the other hand, Oni has never interacted with another human besides her race and is curious about what could happen if the colonists and her race connect. Naya believes that it is time for their powerful kingdom to expand; if the colonists are doing it, they should also. Ayira sees things differently because she has seen what humanity is capable of doing; for this, she vows to keep her race unknown to the rest of earth's civilization.


In this first episode, we see the first encounter with the English colonists, and we get a preview of each of the principal characters. We also give you some details about the past of Loas. We would love to provide more information and facts, but we want you to discover this fascinating story on your own. 

Kian's DNA is cracked and damaged in a failed attempt to unlock the catalyst. Julian, a homophobic righteous man of faith on a mission, was previously fused with Kian's DNA which caused a unique telepathic bond connecting the two. After the attack at the golden gate bridge in episode 6, Kian and Julian are sucked into a dreamlike teleporting vortex nightmare of what at first seems to be just a flash memory of their universe of origin. Little did they know this would be more than any other ordinary nightmare. In the midst of confusion, two conscious beings emerge, Lael and Vince, the leaders of the human and reptilian race. After hundreds and thousands of years, the damage to the DNA activates Lael's and Vince's consciousness, exposing that this nightmare is more than flash memory. Both Kian's and Julian's bodies serve as antennas absorbing the energetic force all around them, replicating the same energy that killed their universe. Lael and Vince must help Kian and Julian to wake up from this cross reality nightmare, or all the data and technology would be lost forever, leaving the rest of the world to suffer the consequences of a dual reality explosion as big as an atomic bomb. If Kian and Julian don't manage to wake up in time, not only would it mean their deaths, but also the consciousness of Lael and Vince would forever be erased. Humanity's truth and secrets have never been more at risk, and the hope for union between the human and reptilian leaders would vanish. In this episode, Kian gets to see where he was created. Julian is shown a new path to understand that hate is not the answer. 


Class6 latest episode

secrets, E8

Five thousand years ago, Queen Izaar Izaar ruled the human race on Earth. After a peaceful period, Queen Izaar finds herself facing an alien race that once was allied to our human ancestors but now is our enemy. Queen Izaar is holding strong the human empire, but somehow the human cities fall under the reptilian forces. Lucifer betrays his Queen. Queen Izaar, emotionally hurt, is about to lose her war. She decides to use all of the human resources to bring down the reptilian mother ship. She connects the pyramids worldwide, absorbing Earth's energy; she concentrates it on Giza's main pyramid and brings down the reptilian main mothership using it as a weapon...read more

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