The series introduces us to Queen lzaar, a being created thousands of years ago by our human ancestors to safeguard humanity. She is plagued by an ancient enemy, a reptilian race that has tried to eliminate humans for thousands of years. Now, one last war is about to end this bloody cycle of race against race. And it will happen in our time, specifically on our planet Earth. 


Queen Izaar enlists our other five superheroes that happen to be part of the LGBTQ community. Each plays an essential role in the fate of the human race, and they must forgive humanity for having rejected, attacked, and ostracized them for generations so that they can join forces with Queen Izaar and save our world. 


In the overall arc of the series, the fight for the survival of our flawed human race is ironically in the hands of these LGBTQ heroes. At first, each hero fights only for LGBTQ rights or their struggles, but as they discover the more significant conflict, they understand that the ultimate fight is for the survival of the human race as a whole.

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In the 1680s, a powerful race ruled what is known today as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. They were a thriving society led by women who held the highest government and military positions. In this kingdom, men were devoted to protecting and worshipping women as their gods, the creators of life.  After thousands of years of prosperity, English colonists discovered them and quickly aimed to conquer them, unaware that this was like no other race they had ever encountered. At first, they seemed like a tribe, but as the English men infiltrated to conquer them, they discovered this race to be much more powerful and resilient. These would-be conquerors will thrust the Kingdom of England into the most significant conflict it has ever seen.

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Redemption, E10

LOAS OF KRAVEN: s1 e2 Quiet NIght

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We introduce Eron, who grows up in a low-income family in Venezuela. One night as he watches TV, after lighting, a mysterious man opens the door and aims to kill him. As this person triggers the gun, Eron's mom runs to cover him; as she gets shot, the person drops the gun and disappears. His father, Eduardo, blames Eron for his mother's death. Eduardo, couldn't handle the pain of losing his wife, and he got addicted to drugs, to the point where he owed too much money to the cartel. 

 One day Diosdado, the cartel drug lord, sends one of his men to clear Eduardo's debt. As Eduardo finds himself at gunpoint with no money to pay, he offers his son, Eron, a payoff.Eron, taken by force by the cartel, was raised on the ranch around drugs and often handled dirty jobs for Diosdado as his best hitman. But, Diosdado is far worse than just a Drug lord; he is a reptilian disguised as a human politician who controls the Venezuelan government and their drug ring. They use the money and the government to advance the reptilian agenda of preparing the Earth for their eternal leader's arrival, who is in an induced coma in the constellation of Sagittarius A, waiting for the reptilians to prepare the Earth for his return to dominate what would be left of humanity.

 Diosdado hired Kuo, Nami's father, to create a unique device that, when connected to its users, will allow the reptilians to control our brain from a command center. They planned to present this device as the latest headphones that will read your brain to know what kind of music you need to make you always feel good, awake, energetic, etc., depending on brain waves signals. This new technology offered at a low price will grant them a massive market, trolls for the reptilian.

The day Kuo presents the prototype to Diosdado, Eron is granted access to Diosdado's off-limit office, which leads him to discover their true identity when an open computer reveals an evil plan against humanity. Now that Eron knows, Diosdado can't risk his plans being exposed. The cartel ranch has an inner circle close to Diosdado, who are reptilians disguised as humans. If the rest of the cartel workers, who are humans, find out, they can reveal against the cartel and have too much information that can compromise their agenda.  

 Diosdado decides to use Eron as a guinea pig and try the prototype on him. As he tries to access control of Eron's brain, a fire starts to erupt; the reptilians are being attacked. Diosdado's wife, a reptilian, has betrayed him by becoming allied with a mysterious person to attack the ranch and stop them from moving forward with the prototype. It's Eron's perfect time to escape the cartel, but Diosdado won't stop trying to kill Eron, which causes Eron to acquire special abilities that he will use to flee Venezuela. 

In this episode two of Loas of Kraven, Quiet Night, after they are discovered, Ayira remembers the threat of the English colonist. Twenty years ago, she left to contact the outsiders, quickly falling in love with a man from a faraway tribe. While Ayira was expecting a child, he sold her to the English colonist behind her back. When they came for her and the rest of the village, no one knew who she was until she decided that instead of running away, she would use her abilities to free them, preventing them from becoming slaves. Ayira killed all colonists but one who escaped, William. After about 20 years, William is in charge of the exploring mission that discovered the Loas kingdom's location. He has been looking for Ayira for 20 years. This old-time enemy will change the peace and harmony of the kingdom of Loas, putting them at risk of slavery. Also, in this episode, we learned that within the Loas of Kraven Kingdom, there is a traitor who somehow feeds a white colonist into a mighty red three as some kind of ritual to acquire evil powers.

Loas of Kraven: s1 e1 


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In this first episode, we meet the Loas and their kingdom. Ayira is a strong, intelligent, reserved, and hard-to-break woman with unique abilities whose existence is a mystery. Naya is a scientist unable to practice science, leading her to become an alcoholic. Keita is in charge of the military and the security of the kingdom. Oni is Ayira's last child.


Ayira has been monitoring the activities of the colonists in the northern territories for some time now. Worried that they are getting too close to the kingdom, she is preparing to protect it. On the other hand, Oni has never interacted with another human besides her race and is curious about what could happen if the colonists and her race connect. Naya believes that it is time for their powerful kingdom to expand; if the colonists are doing it, they should also. Ayira sees things differently because she has seen what humanity is capable of doing; for this, she vows to keep her race unknown to the rest of earth's civilization.


In this first episode, we see the first encounter with the English colonists, and we get a preview of each of the principal characters. We also give you some details about the past of Loas. We would love to provide more information and facts, but we want you to discover this fascinating story on your own.