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Hundreds of thousands of years ago in this Universe, in our Milky Way Galaxy, on the planet Mars, the skies light up as a giant spaceship crashes into the ocean. The inhabitants of Mars rush to the scene with their outdated weapons to find two strange beings that look very different from them: the Reptilian and Human races.

Both races escaped their dying Universe with the hope of finding a Universe with a habitable star to ensure their races' survival. The inhabitants of Mars, afraid of the unknown, put them in jail. A few days later, Mars' inhabitants started to die of a strange disease that seemed to be unknowingly brought by the Humans and Reptilians. They blame the intruder races and aim to kill them all.

Reptilians and Humans, way more advanced than them, have no choice but to defend their race, killing the inhabitants. The Reptilian and Humans soon made Mars their new home.

Humans and Reptilian formed a government. Later on, they started to reproduce their technology after settling in quickly; humans first contacted other beings from around our star. They shared technology in exchange for their knowledge of life in this Universe. The Humans quickly began to create coalitions with other less advanced races. 

Reptilians, on the other hand, started to conduct secrets programs without the consent of the Humans. They began to bioengineer with alien lifeforms against their will. The Reptilian race began to feel superior to Humans. On the other hand, Humans wanted to ally and coexist peacefully with the new Universe's inhabitants. When the other races discovered that Humans and Reptilians killed Mars' inhabitants, they turned against them. Eventually, both Humans and other races realized what Reptilians were doing. As a result, the Humans offered to help eradicate the Reptilian race if they forgive them for their past actions.

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We have teamed up with ten other Latin artists to create an LGBTQ heroes series starting with six heroes that represent various parts of the community: Lesbian (Jaseri), Transgender (Neveah), Bear (Kian), Twink (Nami), Drag Queen (Queen Izaar), and Leather (Eron). 

An unforeseen force interconnects these six heroes' fates, and together they form Class6. Their mission is to defend vulnerable LGBTQ persons from hatred across the globe as soon as their fight begins. However, things change as they discover a much larger conflict that they must join on a scale grander than they could imagine, an old battle that has pitted Humanity against an ancient enemy for an unimaginable period. These enemies have infiltrated human society, intending to take back what they believe is theirs, our star.

We have been victims of discrimination, violence, and even death, and yet in this series, we, the LGBTQ community, are humanities' last hope of survival. Will the world unite to fight our common enemy, or will Humanity regress into division, prejudice, and hate? 


Midseason one Episode 1 to 6

In this first season of Class6, we learn about Humanity's origins, its secrets, including who created religion and for what reason. We learn about the great flood, Earth's birth, and how other races have been living among us for a long time. We discover that even though we feel we are alone in this Universe, we are not, and in fact, we are at war and have been for thousands of years. We discover that the Nazis were never defeated, and they are the Reptilian race that can appear to us as Humans. These Reptilians have infiltrated our government, poisoned our minds, and weakened our society. They want to take back what they believe belongs to them, our star. To do so, they need Kian's DNA encrypted technology, but Queen Izaar won't let them have Kian. She wows to protect us, humans, from whoever or whatever threatens us. Queen Izaar's life's purpose is to safeguard Humanity, and through this first season, we are going to learn what she has done to keep us safe and all her secrets and sacrifices she has done to protect us, the ancient Human being. In this midseason, we also take a look at the heroes' backstories and learn where they come from and how their lives are interconnected. 


Latest episode

Escape from Hell, Episode 7

In this episode, we introduce Lucifer, our villain, who happens to be Queen Izaar's ex-boyfriend. A series of events happened in their past that destroyed their relationship. Consequently, Lucifer ends up in Hell, a cell deep in the Earth's center where a world within a world was born, composed of two races: Reptilian and Humans. Now Lucifer will escape into our world after 5,000 years. In this episode, we learn about Queen Izaar's master plan to conserve two ancient races.


we must come together

As one community, united against hate.

At Kraven Comics, we believe that anyone can be a hero. We aim to celebrate our community's many heroes while embracing diversity, inclusion, and unifying all communities and races so everyone feels welcome and represented. 


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