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 In the 1680s, a powerful race ruled in what is known today as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. They were a thriving society led by women who held the highest positions in government and the military. In this kingdom, men were devoted to protecting and worshipping women as their gods, the creators of life.  After thousands of years of prosperity, English colonists discovered them and quickly aim to conquer them, unaware that this was like no other race they had ever encountered. At first, they seemed like a tribe, but as the English men infiltrated to conquer them, they discovered this race to be much more powerful and resilient. These would-be conquerors will thrust the Kingdom of England into the most significant conflict it has ever seen.

Class6 ahora en español

Después de muchos años nos sienta de orgullo lanzar las versiones en español. Somos un equipo latino con 10 artistas venezolanos y yo, Fernando de Puerto Rico. Llevamos meses tratando de lanzar estas versiones, pero por mucho trabajo nos hemos retrasado. Pero la espera se acabó. Nosotros los latinos somos muy talentosos, pero a veces por las situaciones de nuestros países hacer arte, especialmente vivir del arte se nos hace difícil. En Kraven Comics nos enorgullece poder apoyar al talento latino. Encuentras nuestras historias en Kindle Fire y Kindle Fire Select.

After the reptilians tried to unlock Kian's DNA, they damaged it, creating a crack. Now that Julian has also been infused with Kian's DNA, they seem to have a special connection. After the attack at the Golden Gate bridge in episode 6 that night, they enter into a nightmare of what at first seems to be just a flash memory of our universe of origin. But there is more to it; two beings appear to be conscious in these nightmares, Lael and Vince, the human and reptilian race leaders. After hundreds of thousands of years, the damage to the DNA activates their consciousness to find out that the nightmare, this flash memory is more than that. Somehow Kian and Julian's bodies serve as an antenna absorbing the energy from around them; their DNA is recreating the same energy that killed their universe. Julian and Kian may die if they don't wake up on time, and Lael and Vince's consciousness may be erased forever. But also, those around them will suffer the consequences of a dual reality explosion similar to a small atomic bomb. Lael and Vince must help Kian and Julian wake up from this cross reality nightmare, or all the data and technology will be lost forever. Humanity's truth and secrets are at risk, and the hope for one day, for these leaders, to unite the reptilian race and humans again will vanish. In this episode 9, Kian gets to see where he was created. Julian is shown with the end to understand that that hate is not the answer. He must now choose whether to continue to help the enemy or become a hero and join Class6, but not sure his heart is ready to leave evil to join good.

Class6 latest episode

secrets, E8


Five thousand years ago, Queen Izaar Izaar ruled the human race on Earth. After a peaceful period, Queen Izaar finds herself facing an alien race that once was allied to our human ancestors but now is our enemy. Queen Izaar is holding strong the human empire, but somehow the human cities fall under the reptilian forces. Lucifer betrays his Queen. Queen Izaar, emotionally hurt, is about to lose her war. She decides to use all of the human resources to bring down the reptilian mother ship. She connects the pyramids worldwide, absorbing Earth's energy; she concentrates it on Giza's main pyramid and brings down the reptilian main mothership using it as a more

Class6 is about Queen Izaar's story. An ancient being created by our human ancestors to safeguard humanity. For thousands and thousands of years, she has been fighting an endless war against an enemy that once was the sister race of our human ancestors. 

Queen Izaar's pressured by the Federation of our star to stop the reptilian's threat to planet earth. If she can't defeat the reptilians, the Federation is willing to terminate earth's life to contain earth's problems and prevent them from affecting the rest of our star's nations.

A series of events connect six individuals with special abilities who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Together, these individuals fight against the injustice and the hatred that so many people in the LGBTQ+ community are experiencing.

Even though Queen Izaar keeps her mission a secret, she can no longer hide it from her new friends. She tells the truth to these individuals, and slowly, they decide to join forces to protect humanity. Yet, they must also fight for their rights; even though they are humanity's last hope of survival, humans continue to hate them for being LGBTQ+. 

Will humanity leave all the hate behind and unite as one race so together they can defeat this ancient enemy? 

Coming soon - January 2022

Last Halloween

New York City, 1980's crimes are high in the city. Drugs are ruining communities, the NYPD brutally abuse and attack the LGBTQ community, the AIDS pandemic continues to ravage despite the new cocktail of medicines, and the Mafia of the Bambino family rule the streets of Manhattan. It is October of 1982, and there is another murder at an underground gay Halloween party for the third time in a row. The police department doesn't care much to investigate the murder, but that's about to change when Kevin, a detective from San Francisco, transfers to New York City. Kevin's goal is to reform the police department as he did back home, stop police brutality, and put an end to the arrest for being gay. Kevin also takes up the Halloween serial killer investigation, promising to make this the last Halloween for the serial killer.

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